Friday, January 30, 2009

Old Testament People of Commitment

This Sunday, February 1, 2009, lesson is about a Shunammite woman who recognized a servant of God, Elisha, and was very hospitiable to him. She shared her beliefs, that this man was a holy man, with her husband. She requested that they prepare a space for him in their home, so when Elisha was in their area he could come eat, rest and relax. I am enjoying this study of persons in the Old Testament who found favor in God's eyes. I like the communication process, also. It shows that God communicates to and through women as well as men. Why do you think the Shunammite woman wanted to be close to Elisha, the man of God? Can you recall situation in your past when someone you know prepared for the "man of God?" I can.


Hope said...

I believe that it is within us as Christian to show stewardship through kindness toward others. It is a blessing to act in sure a manner.

MLM said...

This passage reminded me of frequent trips that my family would take Mississippi. Sometimes my sister and I went to visit our Grandparents alone. During those visits I can often recall my Grandmother preparing dinner for the Minister/Pastor(a man of God) of the church she attended. As I have grown and listened to the stories of family members, these is a practice that existed for years. As I read the bible and the blog the act is one in the same. I did not know then (as a child) the impact that my Grandparents faith and strength would have on our family and now my family.