Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Promise of New Life

In Ezekiel 37:1-14, the vision of Ezekiel allows him to see the power of God. God is able to bring life to dry bones, those in despair and without hope. He can rejuvenate the disconnected. The Israelites were separated from their parts and felt deserted. God made a promise to bring them home, to cause the Holy Spirit to enter their bodies, and they shall live and know that God is Lord, the only one who could cause these changes in their lives.

Can you think of situations that may cause despair in a person's life? If you can think of someone who could benefit by having God in their lives, pray for that person, ask God to "breathe on them." Can living without God in your life be stressful? Now, what did Ezekiel do when God shows him the vision?


Loretta said...

The situation many people are in during this economic down turn is causing people to despair/causing despair in their lives. People are experiencing unemployment, bankruptcies, reposessed automobiles and home, and family members involved in crimes. These are only a few of the situations that give people feelings of hopelessness. With so many people being spiritually bankrupt, this is definitely a time to share God's love and to pray for one another. We are always inclined to share news about programs and aid that may help someone. We need to also remember the suffering in our prayers and ask God to show us the time and opportunity to witness to those who don't know Him.

Anonymous said...

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searching said...

Ezekiel was an obedient prophet of God. How many of us would preach/teach to what we would see as a valley of dry bones or speak to the winds, forgetting there is nothing too hard for our God? We sometimes consider friends, family members, or even enemies dead because they are in a dry county. But do we expect them to remain there? It is our duty to preach to all nations in accordance to the Great Commission given us by the Lord Jesus and we will find that all dry bones can get up if given a chance. It is our duty to plant the seed and the Lord will do the rest.