Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaders in the Covenant Community

Our adult topic, Overcoming Problems, with supporting scripture from Nehemiah 2:5, 11-20. Nehemiah was a bold and righteous Jewish servant of a Persian king. Nehemiah had heard about conditions in Jerusalem; he did not want the king to send foreign aid; he wanted to personally help his people. After Nehemiah had fasted and prayed for four month, the request to King Artaxerxes for his permission to return to Judah, the city of his fathers' sepulchres. Nehemiah kept his plan to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem a secret, he assessed the ruins of the wall at night, so the enemies would be unaware, he developed his stratege. He helped the Israelites see the conditions of their city, lying in waste, gates burned with fire, and walls broken. He summed them to come and build up the wall, so they would not be disgraced or ashamed any longer. He encouraged them by telling them that the hands of his God was upon him and that's good. He shared the words the king had spoken to him. They found courage and strength to do the good work. When the enemy heard, they laughed, despised and tried to discourage them, but Nehemiah said because we are the servants of the God in heaven, He will allow us to prosper and the enemy will have no portion of this land.

The obstacles in life can become overwhelming. To overcome them we must have faith. We can trust God with the same level of faith as Nehemiah had through fasting, praying, assessing the problem, developing a strategy and executing the plan.

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