Friday, March 12, 2010

Community with a Mission

The adult topic, "Jealousy of Others," speaks to us as well as it speaks of Jonah, in Jonah 3:10; 4:1-5. God saw the response of the Ninevites when He had Jonah to warn them that their city would be overthrown in forty days, so He repented from the evil He had said He would bring upon them. Jonah, however, with his earthy prejudices wanted the non-Israelites to be punished for their wickedness. He was not forgiving of them, even though he was a prophet sent by God. He seem not to consider the fact that God had forgiven him for not following his command and gave him another chance. God gave the Nineveh community another chance. Jonah knew that God was a gracious and merciful God, that He was slow to anger, and that He was kind and would relent of evil to others, because he said it in his prayer. Jonah needed to get on the same page with God and follow His agenda. Are we like Jonah, selfish in our prayers and desires, wanting God to deliver us from our sins, but punish others for their evil aactions? Do you truly believe any individual can be forgiven of any sin or do you have certain prejudices?

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