Friday, April 23, 2010

Teachings of Jesus

On April 25, 2010, our Sunday school lesson topic is "All Are Invited." The fourteenth chapter of Luke begins with the last four Sabbath controversies. Some believed that on the Sabbath, the day of worship, no work should be done. Jesus, however, took the opportunity to heal and share His wisdom with the people that love (helping, saving and inviting) everyone and anyone to His Kingdom is more important that observance of a rule or tradition. He used the parable: A man had invited guests to a feast in advance. He prepared for them and when everything was ready, he sent his servant to tell them to come, because the meal was ready. Each of the invited guest made excuses as to why they would not come for the feast, because they were bogged down with material things (animals, property, family, etc.). Then, the master sent the servant to go in the streets, and lanes of the city and bring the poor, the maimed, the halt and the blind. When the house still was not full, he sent his servant to the highways and hedges to get others, to fill his house. God has no special person, we all have an invitation through the love of Jesus to hear His Word, to be saved, to be with Him in the Kingdom of God. We are compelled to accept, because there comes a time when it is too late.

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