Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unit II- A Future for God's People

Again in Isaiah 45: 18-24a, Isaiah speaks for God declaring that God created everything: He created the heavens; He formed, made and established the earth. God had a purpose for His creations. He did not do it just to be doing something, He formed the earth to be inhabited. His creations speaks of His power; He did not have any assistance; He is the Lord and there is no other God. The Israelites (and we) are to recognize that He is the one and only God and are to serve Him only. It is God, not objects made of wood, metal, gold, etc. by humans, who is righteous and deserves our attention and worship. In verses 20-22, an invitation is extended for those who listen to His Word, to come near to take counsel in the Lord, for He is a just God and a Saviour, and beside Him there is no other. If we look unto God, He will save you. Verse 23 affirms the lordship of Yahweh over all the inhabitants of the earth, "That unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear," all will acknowledge God as ruler of the universe. This invitation is not just for the people of Israel, God desires that all people would turn to Him for life and salvation, He is the answer to life's challenges and difficulties.

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