Friday, March 23, 2012

Tribute to Bishop Willie J. Ellis Jr

Our pastor, Bishop Ellis touched the lives of many, in many different ways. For some, he was accessible in the time of need; For some he offered intercessory prayer; for some he was there in the sick room during health crisis; for some he gave counseling when conflicts were encountered and still others he was a source of support. Whatever the situation, God gave him the spirit to meet the needs of others and we are appreciative and thankful to Him and to God for allowing him to touch our lives.

Tribute to a Loved One
by Paul Berchtold, March, 2012

With sad farewell, we say goodbye,
Your journey on earth is now done.
You've gone home to a better place.
Welcome to heaven, dearest one.

Only heaven is our true home.
Heaven is where we all belong.
Life on earth is dying exile.
Heaven is joyous life in song.

Music from the countless millions,
Each song understood perfectly.
Around each the special presence,
Of dearest friends and family.

We miss you much, we now await,
The coming soon reunion,
Where hearts forever will be filled,
In love's divine communion.

God fill you with many blessings.
We praise his plan, for he knows best.
We give thanks for his work in you.
May God grant you eternal rest.

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7 comments: said...

I'm so very sorry about Bishop. I cant believe he's gone. He meant so much to for over 30 yrs.

I cant get in town in time for the funeral, so I created this video in his honor in salute to him, so that his legacy will live on, on the Internet, forever.

If you will, please pass this on to other members.


Keith Borden

Please view this video link:

Hope said...

Psalm 23:6
"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Beyond the shadow lies the promise of everlasting life with our Savior.

May you find comfort, knowing that Bishop Ellis is safe at home with the Lord.

Anonymous said...

God cover the family give them the strength they need you can do it

DKMcBride said...

Bishop (Rev Ellis) will truly be missed. In a way he and his family were and are, like an extended part of our family since 3033 Semple. Even though it will be tough because he is not physically here, just find a quiet place and think back and pray. Your memories of him will fill the void and you will find yourself smiling.

Continuosly praying,

Denise Davis-McBride

Anonymous said...

Bishop Willie J Ellis.

I thank you for all your hard work. I thank you for being the blessed man of GOD..May your sleep in Jesus be sweet. May New NorthSide be blessed n the vision and great legacys alloted us!I will cherish your smile an kind heart for the rest of my life..

Deborah C Davis said...

I knew it was a special day when the chairman of the pulpit committee said, "Here is your new pastor!" Rev. Ellis, his beautiful wife, and daughters came forward. I remember thinking, as a child, I didn't know God made pastors that young. And he has daughters I can play with. It seemed to me the church immediately increased. God worked in and with Rev. Ellis, giving him favor on his many ideas. He increased from Rev. to Bishop Ellis. I praise God for sending him to personally feed me from milk to meat. (And I'm still feasting on the Word.) Bishop Ellis listened and chastised me when necessary. In BTU I felt honored when he appointed me to take notes while he taught class. He was a preacher and a teacher of the Word, a lover of God, his family, and New Northside. I loved my dear pastor and he shall be dearly and forever missed.

Pamela Forniss said...

I felt honored and totally moved to read the inspirational messages from those of you who were touched by my father, Bishop Willie J. Ellis. It is good to know that he touched lives. He gave his life for the people of God. We certainly miss him. Your thoughts and prayers are helping us to make it through. I have certainly become stronger in the Lord.
Love all of you,
Bishop's daughter,