Friday, October 19, 2012

Call to Unity Series 2

In this new age of democracy, equal rights, and free speech, Christians are quick to boldly speak against pastors and other Christians.  It is true that God holds the church accountable for an immoral pastor and such a pastor should be brought before the church and disciplined according to scripture.  However, the important word to consider is immoral.  We must know and understand that a pastor is not considered immoral simply because he/she is not running the church the way we think it should be run or preaching the sermons we think he/she should preach.  What constitutes an immoral pastor is sinning against the word of God.  There is a big difference between an immoral pastor and a man of God.  And just as much as were are to deal with an immoral pastor, we are likewise instructed that we are not to harm a man of God. Psalms 105:15 says “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophet no harm.”  We must understand that when we speak evil against a man of God, God considers us to have spoken evil against Him. In the 12th Chapter of Numbers, we see the consequences that God handed down to Miriam and Aaron for speaking evil against Moses.  We must understand that God gives messages to His servants to deliver to the people.  We may not necessarily see the importance of the messages, but as long as they are inspired by God, biblically sound, and do not sin against the word of God, we should not speak evil against them.  No matter how much you tithe, how long you have been a member of the church, how many positions you hold... you do not have the right to rebuke the messages God gives his leader to give to the people.  When you make false accusations against God’s anointed, be prepared to suffer the consequences of God’s wrath just like Miriam and Aaron did.  
Those who are bold enough to speak evil against the man of God either do not know what the bible says about it or do not care.  If the former is true, here are some other biblical examples of God’s wrath when one speaks evil against a man of God. Read the following scriptures: Numbers 16; 2 Kings.2:23-25; Matthew 23:29-39: Acts 7:51-52; Matthew 23:35.  If the latter is true and you simple to do not care what the bible says on this subject matter, then may the Lord have mercy upon your soul.
Even if your opinion is right, you do not have authority to “call out” a man of God.  Read Hebrews 13:7, 17, and 24. Finally, brethren you should not spread your bitterness and unhappiness throughout the church with gossip and ridicule.  This is a sin that God hates Read Proverbs 6:19.  We may not agree with everything the pastors, leaders, and other Christians do in the church.  But unless they are sinning against God, we are not to speak against them lest we sin against God. We are to love one another, keep each other lifted up in prayer and encourage one another.  For the bible tells us so……
Submitted by an anonymous writer 

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