Friday, September 27, 2013

The Proud Brought Low

Only the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit can remove the sinful lusts of the human will, and does not matter what stock one come. In Genesis 11:1-9, the people were Noah's off-springs, who quickly forgot the tremendous judgment and went back to their former crimes. All mankind was of one language, and of one speech, meaning they articulated the same words the same way. It is said that this language, the original language, the Hebrew existed one thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven years, till Phaleg (Genesis 10:25), the son of Heber was born and the tower of Babel (11:9) was being built one hundred years after the flood. All speaking and understanding, they attempted to unify, building a city and a tower that would reach the heavens to prevent their being separated. They wanted to build it themselves for themselves. Idolatry had begun to creep in. They took God out of the picture. They were the proud people, they felt no need to consult God or seek His will in the situation. God knew their hearts. However, nothing we think or do is hidden from God.
In verse 11:3, they encouraged one another to be more daring and determine in their sinful act. Then in verse 5 we read "the Lord came down to see the city and tower ..." God was not pleased with their tone and He has various means, and effectual ones, to baffle and defeat the projects of proud men that set themselves against Him, and He divided them among themselves. They could no longer understand each other, how could they help each other, hence the building project was discontinued. "So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth.." As Christians, we should be more encouraging, daring, and determine in our good works, know the power of God in our lives. Keep Him first and let us learn to provoke one another to love.
The wisdom and goodness of God was manifested in re-peopling the earth by means of three persons, all of the same family, and who had witnessed that awful display of Divine justice in the destruction of the world by the flood. Yet, they were preserved in the ark. Because of the scattering of the people, the true religion is spreading over all the earth.
This confirms that all men have been derived from one family and that there are many customs and usages, sacred and civil, which still prevail in all parts of the world, even today, which could never have existed had not mankind been originally of the same blood and instructed in the same common notions before being dispersed. Consider some of the following usages presented in Adam Clarke's commentary:
1. The numbering by tens.
   2. Their computing time by a cycle of seven days.
   3. Their setting apart the seventh day for religious purposes.
   4. The consecration of temples and altars.
   5. The institution of sanctuaries or places of refuge, and their privileges.
   6. Their giving a tenth part of the produce of their fields, etc., for the use of the altar.
   7. The notion of legal pollutions, defilements, etc.
   8. The universal tradition of a general deluge.
   9. The universal opinion that the rainbow was a Divine sign, etc., etc.
God has done a marvelous work!

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