Friday, January 8, 2010

Evidences of Jesus as Messiah

The Sunday school lesson this week, "Facing Temptation" from Matthew 4:1-11 discusses three temptations Jesus faced. There are lessons to be learned from each of them. When Jesus was hungry after he had fasted forty days and forty nights in the wilderness, Satan attacked Him at a point of physical need. Second, Satan attacked Jesus' personal confidence in the Father (Matthew 4:5-7). And, third, the devil attacked Jesus over whom He should give His highest loyalty and devotion. Each time Jesus defeated the devil by speaking the Word of God, which is our greatest weapon against temptation today. Sometimes we need to get away from the noise and crowd to hear God speak to us and to prepare for the work of the Lord. Jesus spent time in the wilderness preparing for His earthly mission. He knew that in His flesh He had to be prepared to endure the scorn and shame of the Cross. Remember, Satan tried to tempt Jesus three times in the lesson scripture, so we must prepare by hiding God's Word in our hearts to fight of the temptations throughout our lives.

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