Sunday, January 31, 2010

Evidences of Jesus as Messiah

As we continue to study the book of Matthew and the evidence he presents to show that Jesus is the Messiah, our lesson for January 31, 2010, talks about rejection. We have discussed God's proclamation of Jesus, as His beloved Son when He was baptized by John the Baptist; We talked about Jesus resistance to the devil's temptation; We discussed His power to heal the sick and cast out demons; Jesus presents a special invitation that we may have rest; And this lesson "Overcoming Rejection," from Matthew 13: 54-58, is evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. In His home town Nazareth, where the people thought they knew Jesus too well, (His background, His occupation, His abilities, etc.), they did not believe and have faith in Him. Eventhough when He taught in the synagogue, they were astonished and wondered where He had gotten such wisdom and powerful abilities, Jesus was still rejected by His people. His response as reported by prophets in the Old Testament. The people allowed their familiarity of Him to become a stumbling block that prevented them from accepting Jesus as the Messiah. Could rejection by a reason why we do not sometime witness to our family? Study God's Word, see how Jesus handled rejection and how we should handle rejection, also.

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