Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inviting the Weary

In verses prior to our printed text, our Savior praised John the Baptist as being more than a prophet. John was a messenger. Jesus delivered a strong reprimand to the cities where He had performed miracles, likening the people to children sitting in the markets, nothing pleasing them and not repenting.Jesus used one of His frequent phrases when He stated, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." In His prayer to His Father, Jesus thanked God for hiding all His secrets from those who listen with worldly ears. The mysteries concerning God, His Kingdom, and His Truth were delivered from the Father to the Son and to whom the Son will reveal. Such is at the pleasure of the Father. For no one knows the Father except through the Son. He is the only Way to get to the Father. He is the Spiritual Truth and Light to get to the Father. You must know Jesus to get to the Father and not simply know that Jesus exists. There is an open invitation for the young and old, rich and poor, for all who are weary and heavy burdens, to receive rest. This invitation is as wide as the world to all who are weary and grants peace and reconciliation to God. Jesus invites the weary to take His yoke upon them. Join Him in a bond of connection and service for He is humble and you will receive rest for your soul. The yoke of Jesus is much easier than that of a pagan, Jewish, Pharisee, etc. religion. The services that He requires are easily rendered and not burdensome.

The lesson from Matthew 11:25-30
Discussed by Deborah C. Davis

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