Friday, February 26, 2010

Testimonies to Jesus as Messiah

A woman in Bethany showed "Extravagant Love," toward Jesus. The scripture Matthew 26: 6-13 does not name the woman who poured the expensive ointment over Jesus' head, although John 12, states it was Mary, Lazarus sister. The disciples became indiginate, saying she wasted the costly ointment which could have been sold for much and given to the poor. Jesus defensed her action, by saying the poor will be with you always, but He, Jesus, would not be with them long. Jesus took another opportunity to share with the disciples about His coming death and that wheresoever the gospel is preached the story of this lady's ministry would be told. When we look at the expensive ointment in comparison to what Jesus did for us, gave His life on the cross, the cost of the ointment was not much afterall. Are you willing to give up anything for Jesus? What did He ask believers to give?

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