Saturday, November 6, 2010

God Is Awesome - Wholly Dependable

The scripture for the discussion today is Psalm 66:1-12. Psalm 66 is usually thought of as a psalm of thanksgiving. One might think of how God have brought them through some rough/tough times and what an awesome God He Is. One might think of all His creations and how He keep providing for our every need. Verse 1, tells us that everyone on the earth are to shout joyfully to God. In order to shout, we got to open our mouth and make some sounds - praising God. Then verse 2 speaks of a way we can honor God with praise by singing to His name. We have seen His work. We know He has all power in His hands, the power to change circumstances, the power to protect, the power to heal, etc. The scriptures (verse 6) make reference to God turning the sea into dry land, so His people could cross. God will fight your battles! Can you recall a time when you recognize that God stepped-in, had everything in control and fought your battle? Truly, we have reasons to be thankful to God, not to ourselves. Let's not be rebellious, we are to praise the one and only God, He has all power and sees all we do. There will be afflictions; they are not to break us; they are to test our faith, to strengthen us and to refine (get ridge of the impurities). God loves us; He sent His son, who died for our salvation; He is with us at all times.

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