Saturday, September 25, 2010

God Reveals

God promises "Steadfast Love" in our Sunday school lesson for September 26, 2010. He was angered by the actions of the Hebrews who had a few days before had promised to follow His instructions, yet they built a molten calf and worshipped it. Moses prayed that God would not leave them, that he could see God in His glory, and they would be His chosen people. God gave Moses instructions and he was careful to obey them. Moses participated in the preparation of two stone tablets, for God to write the covenant as He had done before, by hewing them similar to those he had broken. Moses ascended Mt. Sinai with the stones, alone. The Lord descended in the cloud, stood with him, passed by him and proclaimed traits of His character. God is merciful, gracious, slow to anger, loving, faithful and forgiving, yet He will not allow our sins to go unpunished. Moses hearing and seeing God in His awesome splendor bowed his head to the earth in humility and adoration, worshipped the Lord God. Moses acknowledged the sinful nature of his people, he appealed to God to act on his behalf, he wanted God to go with them to the promised land, he wanted God to forgive the Israelites of their wickedness and to make Israel His inheritance , again. Study Exodus 34:1, 4-10.

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