Friday, September 17, 2010

God Reveals

Exodus 32:1-10, our lesson for the week tells what the Israelites did when their leader was not in their sight. They demanded that Aaron make for them gods to go before them, saying to Aaron they did not know what has happened to Moses, who had brought them out of Egypt. Moses had been up on Mount Sinai in God's presence for forty days and nights. Aaron used the gold earrings brought from the wives, sons and daughters to fashion a molten calf. Perhaps the Israelites remembered this god symbol from their days in Egypt. God being omniscience heard their celebration and proclamation, then He ordered Moses to go back for his people. The people had violated the commandments they had agreed to just forty days earlier. God was angered by their action and and their willingness to give the gods credit for bring them out of slavery and vowed to punish them for their sinful acts. Moses interceded on their behalf. It is important to stay connected with God, studying and being in God's Word. This helps to keep us from putting other gods before Him. And, yes, intercessory prayer helps to save us. Are we impatient as the Israelites were? Do we turn from the true and living God to other idols?

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