Friday, April 22, 2011

Eternal Remembrance

Jesus' resurrection is foundational to our Christian faith. It shows God's stamp of approval on the mission and message of Jesus. His death shows His willingness to save and His resurrection shows His power to save. Because He lives we have eternal life. The scriptures (Matthew 28:1-17) assures us once again that Jesus is not dead, He is alive! Jesus had told the disciples that He would suffer many things, be rejected and killed, then after three days He would rise again (Mark 8:31).

Now according to Matthew 28, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the tomb where Jesus had been placed. As they neared the sepulchre, an angel of the Lord shining as lightning whose raiment was as white as snow descended from heaven. The angel rolled the stone from the entrance of the tomb and sat on it. Jesus was not in the tomb, He had already risen, nor did Jesus need any help to roll the stone away. The angel knew the women had come to see Jesus and the angel wanted them to see for themselves that the grave could not hold Jesus and that Jesus had done as He said-risen, so they could deliver the message to the disciples. Jesus' resurrection affirms our assurance that we, too, shall rise after death and have eternal life.

The angel instructed the ladies to go and tell the disciples of Jesus' resurrection. As they were on their way to share the good news with the disciples they met Jesus, recognized Him, held His feet and worshipped Him. Jesus gave them the same message, as the angel, for the disciples to meet Him in Galilee. When the disciples got the word, they met Jesus in Galilee and worshipped Him. Oh yes, their were some doubter just as there are today. Jesus showed them His hands and side and the disciples were overjoyed (John 20:20).

The chief priests, elders or temple leaders recalled that Jesus had said He would rise after three days. They did not want His promised to be the known truth, so they devised a plan to say that the guards fell asleep and the disciples came in the night and stole Jesus' body. The temple leaders bribed the watchmen to report as they said and the watchmen agreed although they knew they did not fall asleep while on duty. They fainted upon arrival of the angel. The temple leaders were willing to continue their lie to the governor, if necessary.

Now, what category are you? Do you believe the disciples took His body by night? Are you a doubter, not sure He got up from the grave? Or, do you believe He arose as He promised? Our mission as Christians is go spread the Word that Jesus is alive! He is an active God, not passive. He lives! He lives! Because He lives we have eternal life.

Written by
Myrtle Love

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