Friday, April 15, 2011

Lavishing Praise

The study of Mark 11:1-11 is appropriate for our discussion because we are approaching Easter. A reminder of the activities that took place prior to the resurrection of our Lord and Savior is significant to the life of Christians, their mission and ministry.

Jesus was approaching Jerusalem on that Sunday, we now call Palm Sunday. He had journeyed from Jericho up and around the Mount of Olives, which was a steep climb of nearly twenty-six hundred feet. The road was narrow and rugged. In Bethany, He sent two of his disciples to bring the colt that no one had sat on, which was tied in the city of Bethphage, just as you enter it. Jesus prepared the disciples for the question that maybe asked, just as He prepared for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In fact, He carefully prepared everything. Jesus said if anyone ask "why" say the Lord has need of him (verse 3). The disciples following the Lord's instructions found the colt, loosen him, and answered those who questioned as they were commanded. There was no problem. How would you rate your willingness to follow Jesus' commands?

Once the disciples arrived in Bethany with the colt for Jesus. They placed their cloaks on the donkey to make the ride fairly comfortable for Him. Bethany is approximately two miles from Jerusalem. As Jesus rode, the crowd gathered, placing their garments in the path, cutting branches from trees placing them on the road for the colt to walk over, still others who went before and behind Him were shouting "Hosanna" (an Aramaic for "save us!"). The people were excited to see Jesus coming; they realized Jesus was not an ordinary rabbi-He was the Son of God; they gave affirmation of His power and the return of King David's kingdom through Him; They pronounced Him blessed in the name of the Lord. Can you imagine the parade as Jesus traveled to Jerusalem, making their way to the temple?

As you walk the road of life, do you praise God for Jesus, who gave up His life that we could have eternal life? It was late when Jesus made it to the temple. He looked around at everything, then He and the twelve disciples went back to Bethany. This was the beginning of the final chapter in the three-year ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Written by Myrtle Love

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