Friday, October 11, 2013

A Promise Kept

Scriptures: Genesis 17:15-17; 18:9-15; 21:1-7

God always fulfills His promises!

Today's lesson began with God telling Abraham to call his wife Sarah, not Sarai. In Genesis 17:5, Abram name was changed to Abraham, for God made him father of a multitude of nations. The changing of their names is significant, for studies point out their former names referred to the governance of their own family, while verse 16 indicates Sarah shall be a mother of nations, and that kings of people should spring from her. In line with the Hebrew biblical tradition, God reaffirmed His covenant with Abraham and Sarah by changing their name.

According to the scripture, both Abraham (17:17)and Sarah(18:13) laughed when contemplating the thought of them having a child in their old age (Abraham being about a hundred and Sarah being ninety). Sarah, naturally speaking, was passed her years of conception, so giving birth to a son at this time in her life, must be a supernatural or miraculous occurrence. The fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham was approaching. When in the heat of the day, there appeared to Abraham three men. He was faithful to entertain these angels, though they were strangers to them. Sarah did as Abraham asked in preparation for their guests. Sarah being near the tent opening heard the angels inquired of her where about, saying to Abraham, "to Sarah thy wife a son." Abraham fell on his face and laughed, thinking in his heart of their ages while still trying to figure out would it be Ishmael. However, God assured him that Sarah would give birth to their son. But, Sarah laughed in her heart, considered having a child after her being "waxed" old and her lord/husband, too. Sarah denial of her laughter, because she was afraid, provided an opportunity for Jehovah to emphasize God's power, His ability to bring about the wonderful, humorous, and everything He promises. God knows our hearts, just as He knew the hearts of Sarah and Abraham. Only God could make it happen and we should recognize that God needs and uses all of us to bring about His purpose and will for humanity.

Abraham and Sarah could not hurry God; their intervention were not necessary; God has it all in His control; And, it will be done on His time schedule. When the LORD visited Sarah, just as He had promised her and Abraham a son was borne named Isaac. They were faithful to follow all instructions given them, including the circumcision of Isaac when he was eight days old. This covenant they were to kept (Genesis 17:10). Sarah said, "God hath made me to laugh," expresses her pleasure or happiness. Should we find pleasure in what God does for us?

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