Friday, October 18, 2013

Sibling Rivalry

Sarah was disturbed when she saw Abraham son Ishmael, born of Hagar mocking her son Isaac. This incident led to the expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael from the family compound. The Bible does not indicate that Hagar asked for the role she was given in history. She was an Egyptian slave given to Sarah, given of Sarah to Abraham to become a mother of his child during her barren years. With Sarah insistence that Hagar and her son be casted out, Abraham was grieved, until God assured him that He would bless Ishmael (Genesis 21:13), because he, too, was Abraham seed. Abraham had an attitude of love and concern. He prepared the necessities for Hagar and Ishmael journey in the wilderness of Beersheba. During those days, it was customary to carry provisions enough to get to the next source. From Adam Clarke Commentary, it is believed that Abraham provided them with enough to get to the next source of water.

Ishmael was about seventeen years of age; He was born when Abraham was eighty-six years of age, (Genesis 16:16); Isaac was born when Abraham was one hundred years old (Genesis 21:5); That is fourteen years. At the time, Isaac was weaned he was three year of age (Genesis 21:8), now add that. However, as they wandered in the wilderness, the food and water supplied by Abraham had been consumed. God heard the cry of Hagar and Ishmael. Yes, when we lose our direction or become disconnected from our supply source, God knows our heart and concerns, and He hears our cry when we call Him.

Hagar loved her son, Ishmael. She did not want his life to end for a lack of water and food, there in the wilderness (Genesis 21:16). The young man had become weak from the lack of food and water. He was more exhausted with fatigue than his mother, for a young person body throws off more sweat or perspiration, than a grown up or aged person. But, when God heard the child and her voice, an angel answered her and calmed her fears. God opened her eyes to see the well of water, a necessity of life. Hagar placed her hands around her child giving him support to drink. He grew. Again and again, loving mothers do this; sees their child in distress, not feeling well, uses her resources or sources to rescue her children. God was her source and He is our source of living water. He will hear our voice and provide support when we are in need.

Abraham obeyed God's voice, kept His commandments and laws and because he did God blessed both of Abraham's son with nations (Genesis 21:18, Genesis 26:3). He blessed their seed to multiply as the stars in heaven. And because of Abraham all the nations of the earth are blessed. It is from the lineage of Abraham that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. Jesus was crucified, died, and rose that we (all men) might be forgiven of sin. Ishmael was given an Egyptian wife. God warned Isaac not to go into Egypt, but to stay in the land of which He would tell him. Isaac went to Gerar and the Lord blessed him. His crop of grain were increased a hundredfold. God fulfilled His promise to Abraham. Trust Him to hear your call, to supply your needs, and to fulfill His promise to you.

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