Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Path to New Life

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice. Man sinned, so God took on the human form, lived a sinless life among men, died on a cross with transgressors at His sides, was buried and rose on the third day. He defeated death. Hallelujah! Yes, Jesus Christ paved the way for man to have eternal life. Our lesson this week continues from Luke 24: 1-12, entitled Resurrected Unto New Life, gives accounts of what happened on the first day of the week, the third day of Jesus' crucifixion. We can celebrate Easter, because Jesus rose on the third day, as he had told His disciples. Unlike some other resurrection from death, who later returned to the grave, Jesus Christ died, was resurrected and ascended into the heavens. The real crux of this lesson is for every person to be resurrected to a new life

Who were witnesses that the tomb where Jesus was laid was empty on the third day?

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