Friday, April 24, 2009

The Path to New Life

We continue to discuss how to attain new life. This week the message comes from Act9:32-43 and the lesson is entitled, "Seeking Help in Times of Need." Jesus has risen from the grave, ascended into the heavens and released His Holy Spirit upon His followers. The setting for this lesson finds Peter in Lydda. Peter found a man who had been sick with palsy for eight years, spoke healing upon him and he was healed. The desciples in Joppa sent for Peter, because their was a desciple there named Tabitha, who was sick and died. When Peter got there, he kneeled and prayed, and said arise. She opened her eyes and sat up. The miracles became known throughout the country and many became believers. Certainly, the individuals in these examples were in need, however those who are lost in sin are in need also. Do you see Jesus performing miracles today?

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