Friday, April 24, 2009

The Path to New Life

The lesson for April 26, Bringing New Life to Those in Need, tells of Peters efforts as he fulfills Christs’ command to spread the gospel. Peter had been assigned to spread the word to the Jews who were now spread throughout the area because of persecution. Not only did he seek the lost, but he nurtured the new converts. As he traveled among the believers, he encountered Aeneas, who had been paralyzed for eight years. He offered healing in the name of Jesus, telling Aeneas to get up; and he did. Peter was then called by the disciples to a nearby city, where Dorcas had become ill and died. She was described as a woman who was devoted to charity work. Peter called on her to get up; and she did. As the news of these events spread, many residents of the areas came to believe in the Lord. Just as Peter was compelled to continue the ministry of Christ, so are we. In addition to physical disease, we will encounter those that are afflicted with sin. It is our obligation to share the good news of Jesus’ love and to continue to shower them with love until Christ wins them over to His family. Just as Peter was able to do great things through the aid of the Holy Spirit, so can we.

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