Friday, June 5, 2009

Called Out of Egypt

Sunday, June 7 is fast approaching. The adult Sunday school lesson entitled, "Hearing Requires Listening," is about Moses, from Exodus 3:1-12. In hope of getting you to respond, I am asking a series of questions: 1. God's call can come in unexpected ways, where was Moses when God called him and what were the circumstances? 2. God calls humans to participate in the redemption of others, what was the situation when God called Moses to help save the Israelites? 3. There is a calling on every Christian's life. Each of us are given gifts and talents to be used for the purpose of furthering the kingdom of God, do you know what your gift is and are you using it? Christians are interdependent, not only do we depend on the Holy Spirit, we depend upon each other. God assigns us the appropriate gifts so we will be successful at His work.

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